Audi Pre Sense Basic

Audi Pre Sense Basic

Audi Pre Sense Basic is a safety system intended to provide complete protection to occupants in a critical driving state. By utilizing data from Pre Sense 360?, it determines whether such a situation is occurring.

What is Audi pre sense ®?

Audi pre sense ® is an advanced technology that prioritizes safety for drivers and passengers, helping to prevent accidents and protect those in the vehicle should an accident occur. This technology is available at our Audi dealership in Burlington, MA.

Can I Turn Off Audi pre sense?

Yes, the features of Audi pre sense, such as forward collision warning or lane departure warning, can be turned off through the vehicle's settings menu. However, it is not advised to permanently disable these safety features as it may affect the overall safety of the vehicle.

Does Audi have a pre-sense system?

Audi vehicles come with an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system that includes a pre-sense system to prevent skidding, brake application, and driver alerts. Most Audi models now have pre-sense as a standard, which can detect potential hazards and trigger safety measures such as shutting windows and pre-tensioning seatbelts.

What is pre sense basic?

Audi Pre Sense is a driver assist system that utilizes sensors and cameras to detect potential collisions and provide warnings or take action to prevent them. Pre Sense Basic is a feature that closes windows and pre-tensions seatbelts if a collision is detected.

Audi Pre Sense features a range of sensors designed to enhance the safety of Audi vehicles. These sensors include automatic emergency braking, collision sensors, and pre-tension seatbelts.

What are Audi pre sense packages?

Audi pre sense packages are a set of safety sensors and features designed to protect the vehicle. These packages offer different levels of protection, with some of the features coming standard in new Audi models. For instance, pre sense basic closes windows and pre-tensions front seatbelts if a possible collision is detected.

What is Audi pre-sense technology?

Audi Pre-Sense is a semi-autonomous safety system that can interact with automatic braking and collision avoidance systems. It can command various vehicle features such as brakes, windows, sunroof, and seatbelts to prevent severe injuries during a collision.

What is Audi pre sense city?

Audi pre sense city is a safety system that comes as standard equipment on the new models of Audi cars. It uses a front camera mounted on the windshield to scan the road for other vehicles and pedestrians, with a range of up to 100 meters. The system operates at speeds of up to 85 km/h and is designed to prevent accidents by detecting potential collisions and activating safety measures beforehand.

Do I need to replace Audi's pre-sense sensor?

If the pre-sense sensors in your Audi are malfunctioning, it is advisable to replace them as soon as possible. The pre-sense system is designed to enhance the safety and performance of your vehicle, and malfunctioning sensors can compromise their effectiveness. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with a certified Audi technician to determine if the sensors need replacement and to perform the replacement procedure. This will restore the proper functioning of the pre-sense system and ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants.

Pre Sense Basic is the basic version of Audi's Pre Sense technology that comes as standard on most Audi models. It is activated by sensors that detect when the driver applies the brakes forcefully and triggers the electronic stability control system to react.

What is the pre-sense basic system?

The pre-sense basic system is a safety feature of Audi vehicles that can activate hazard lights and apply brakes upon detecting a potential collision, while also automatically closing side windows and the sunroof and tightening front seat belts for added protection. It also includes turn assist.

How does pre-sense work?

Pre-sense is a safety technology installed in Audi vehicles that detects dangerous situations and engages safety systems to prevent collisions. The technology utilizes cameras and radar sensors on the vehicle to predict the trajectory of other road users and pedestrians. When a dangerous situation is detected, pre-sense automatically activates safety features to protect those inside and outside the vehicle.

What is Pre-Sense plus?

Pre-Sense plus is a safety system developed by Audi that provides both visual and audible warnings of potential collisions. It also primes the brakes in preparation for a sudden stop. This system is intended to enhance the driver's situational awareness and improve safety on the road.

Audi pre sense is a safety technology package that predicts potential dangers and is available in various levels in most larger Audi models.

What is pre sense side?

Pre sense side is a safety feature found in Audi vehicles that follows the steps of Pre Sense Basic if a collision seems likely. It also includes an additional feature for vehicles with active suspension systems.

What are Audi pre-sense fault indicators?

Audi Pre-sense Fault Indicators are symbols exclusive to the Audi brand that appear on the dashboard to indicate errors or malfunctions in the Pre-sense safety system. They can be seen in either red or yellow/amber and are represented by a circle with a car outline and a star or triangle and exclamation point.

To disable the Audi Pre Sense feature, please ensure that the vehicle's ignition key is in the "On" position. Next, press the "Car" button located on the Multi-Media Interface (MMI) system. From there, select "Car Settings" and navigate to the "Driver Assistance Systems" option. Select "Pre Sense" and then choose the "Off" option to disable the feature. It is important to note that this process may vary slightly depending on the specific Audi model being used.

How do I Turn Off Audi pre-sense?

To turn off the Audi pre-sense system, simply go to the Menu on the Audi console, then select Car, Driver Assist, and Audi Pre Sense. From there, you can turn off the system entirely, although it will automatically reset to "on" the next time the vehicle is started. It is recommended that the pre-sense system is not turned off for extended periods as it is an essential safety feature.

What do I do if my Audi pre sense is not working?

If the message "pre sense malfunction" appears repeatedly, the Audi dealer should be contacted to correct the issue. This message can appear if the pre sense functions are switched off through the Infotainment system or if the system is not ready.

How to turn off warning lights on Audi A4?

To disable warning lights on an Audi A4, owners can adjust the sensitivity of the pre-sense system from early to medium or late through the console settings. This minor adjustment may prevent the warning lights from appearing even after reverting to the original settings.

Why is Audi pre sense important?

Audi Pre Sense is important because it allows the car to react accordingly if a tire is low on air. If not working properly, it can cause the computer to react incorrectly, leading to a decrease in the car's performance.

Audi pre sense® basic activates proactive safety measures to protect occupants in the event of a critical driving scenario, such as skidding or sudden braking, by utilizing multiple vehicle systems.

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