What Is Audi Pre-sense

What Is Audi Pre-sense

The Pre Sense warning light of Audi is aimed at aiding drivers in preventing accidents. This system employs sensors to identify possible hazards on the road, alerts the driver through visual and auditory signals, and can apply brakes if necessary to avoid or reduce the impact of a collision.

Audi pre sense is a safety technology package that offers predictive safety features. It is offered in various levels in most of Audi's larger model series.

What is Audi pre sense ®?

Audi pre sense ® is cutting-edge safety technology that prioritizes the well-being of drivers and passengers. This advanced feature helps prevent accidents and provides protection in the event of a collision. Experience Audi pre sense ® at our Burlington, MA, Audi dealership.

Can I Turn Off Audi pre sense?

It is possible to turn off certain features of Audi pre sense, such as the forward collision warning or lane departure warning, through the vehicle's settings menu. However, it is not advisable to permanently disable the safety feature as it may compromise safety.

What is pre sense side?

Pre Sense Side is a safety feature developed by Audi, which follows the same steps as Pre Sense Basic in the event of a collision. It is particularly notable for its ability to work in conjunction with active suspension systems in vehicles such as the Audi A8.

What is pre sense rear?

Pre Sense Rear is a safety feature in Audi vehicles which activates when it detects an imminent rear-end collision. It immediately tensions the seatbelts, closes the windows and causes the hazard lights to flash rapidly to warn other drivers. Additionally, if equipped, it adjusts memory seats to optimize the safety of the car's occupants.

Pre Sense Side is an Audi safety technology that raises the air suspension on the side of the car being impacted by a fast approaching vehicle or object above 15.5 mph. This redirects the collision forces to the strongest areas of the body structure, enabling better absorption of crash energy.

How does Audi pre-sense work?

The Audi Pre-sense system uses sensors located around the car to detect any potential danger, and automatically applies the brakes if needed. However, this technology can sometimes malfunction and fail to react in a timely manner, which can result in a warning message being displayed. There are six common reasons why the Audi Pre-sense system may malfunction.

What is the pre-sense basic system?

The pre-sense basic system is a safety feature offered by Audi that can activate hazard lights and apply braking in the event of a possible collision. It also includes the automatic closing of side windows and the sunroof, as well as seat belt tightening for increased protection. Additionally, the system includes a turn assist feature.

What does presyncope feel like?

Presyncope is the sensation of feeling like you are going to faint, without actually losing consciousness. It can cause lightheadedness and weakness, but symptoms typically resolve within a few minutes.

Audi pre sense® is a technology package designed for predictive safety. It offers various levels, including Audi pre sense® basic, Audi pre sense® front, Audi pre sense® city, Audi pre sense® side, and Audi pre sense®.

Does Audi have a pre-sense system?

Audi vehicles come equipped with a pre-sense system as a standard feature. This includes the Electronic Stability Control system, brake application, and driver alerts to prevent skidding, and it can also trigger the pre-sense warning light and activate safety measures such as shutting windows and pre-tensioning seatbelts in case of a potential hazard detection.

How fast does Audi pre sense city go?

Audi pre sense city can avoid accidents within system limits at speeds up to 40 km/h (24.9 mph) and reduce impact speed and severity at speeds up to 85 km/h (52.8 mph).

Audi Pre Sense Rear comprises of rear parking sensors that alert drivers when the vehicle approaches an object while reversing. In some vehicles, the sensors may be linked to rear automatic braking and self-parking systems.

What is Audi pre sense ® rear?

Audi pre sense ® rear is a protection feature that is equipped in some Audi models. It uses radar sensors and optical warnings to alert drivers of potential collisions with vehicles in their blind spots. In the event of a likely collision, it can activate Audi pre sense ® basic safety features.

What is the difference between basic and pre sense?

Audi Pre Sense is a safety technology that prepares the cabin for impact to reduce the risk of serious injuries during a collision. There are two versions of Pre Sense: basic and advanced. Basic only turns on hazard lights, shuts windows, and closes the sunroof, while advanced helps drivers avoid collisions through automatic emergency braking.

What Audi models have Audi pre-sense?

Audi Pre-Sense is a technology feature available in most Audi models, from the A3 to A6. It can also be added as an update to models that don't have it. For more information on the Audi lineup, contact Audi Mobile.

Audi pre sense is a comprehensive technology package that offers predictive safety features. This innovative safety system is incorporated in most larger Audi model series and is available in a variety of expanded levels. The advanced safety features of Audi pre sense are designed to prevent accidents and mitigate the severity of a collision. Its ability to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and take timely action makes it a game-changer in the automotive safety industry.

What is Audi pre sense basic?

Audi Pre Sense Basic is an advanced safety technology feature installed as a standard feature on most Audi models. It uses sensors to detect a sudden brake application by the driver and subsequently activates the electronic stability control system to respond accordingly. It is considered the basic edition of the Pre Sense technology series.

What is Audi pre-sense technology?

Audi pre-sense technology is a safety feature that actively intervenes to prevent crashes in Audi vehicles, making them some of the safest on the road. While it is a new technology and not perfect, it can help warn drivers and prevent accidents. However, some drivers have experienced intermittent warning lights related to the system.

What are Audi pre-sense fault indicators?

Audi Pre-sense Fault Indicators are dashboard symbols exclusive to the Audi brand that indicate a fault or malfunction in the Pre-sense system. These symbols can appear either as a red circle with brackets and a star at the top, featuring the front of a car inside the circle, or as a broken circle with a triangle and exclamation point, containing the outline of a car inside in yellow/amber. These indicators are designed to alert drivers to potential issues with Audi's Pre-sense safety technology, which includes features such as collision avoidance and lane departure warning.

The Audi Pre Sense can be turned off by selecting the "Car" button on the MMI, then accessing the "Driver Assistance Systems" option. From there, select "Pre Sense" and choose "Off" to disable the feature.

How do I Turn Off Audi pre-sense?

To turn off Audi pre-sense, access the Car menu on the console, select Driver Assist, and then choose Audi pre-sense. From there, you can either adjust the sensitivity or disable the system entirely. However, disabling the system will automatically turn back on the next time the vehicle is started.

What do I do if my Audi pre sense is not working?

If your Audi pre sense system is not working, it is highly recommended to contact your Audi dealer immediately to have the malfunction corrected. Ignoring the issue can potentially compromise your safety and the safety of others on the road. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself, as this may cause further damage or void your vehicle's warranty. It is best to seek professional assistance from an authorized Audi service center to ensure the problem is resolved effectively and efficiently.

How to turn off warning lights on Audi A4?

To turn off the warning lights on an Audi A4, owners can adjust the pre-sense settings from early to medium or late in the console. This can resolve common faults and prevent warning lights from reappearing, even after returning to the original settings.

Why is Audi pre sense important?

The Audi Pre Sense system is important as it enables the car to determine a low tire pressure and react accordingly. Malfunction of this system can result in incorrect information being provided to the car's computer, which would affect the car's performance.

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